Electric Standard Weight Elevator Motor Drive Weight Actuator

Electric Standard Weight Elevator   Motor Drive Weight Actuator

With our nation attaches fantastic relevance to environmental security, industrial wastewater and urban
sewage therapy, our business in latest a long time given that the improvement and distinctive production for the sewage
therapy products decanter power matching DTW and TDT, TDTW variety of new generation of electrical Putter.
DTW-kind electrical putter for tiny-scale sewage treatment method plant decanter matching electricity equipment. The
attributes of minimal-velocity resilient, compact, easy set up, travel can be modified, management, double
insurance policies and so on.
TDT, TDTW twin-kind synchronous electric powered putter for big-scale sewage remedy plant decanter matching
electrical power products, it is driven by a electrical power source from the still left and right two putt entire body at the identical time, its
features: two pusher physique At the very same time running, push and pull equal, travel can be altered, simple to
join. Manage double insurance coverage, and other positive aspects, the person if the particular needs can be created
and produced.
These goods come out, by the environmental protection office of consideration and sewage treatment
equipment companies commonly utilised, can also be utilised for other needs of huge drive, pull, require low-velocity
synchronous procedure of the situation.
The framework and performance
1, composition
TDT, TDTW double synchronous electric powered push rod from the generate motor, reduction equipment, screw, copper nut,
information sleeve, slider, slider, spring, shell, coupling flange, connecting shaft, internal travel limit switch and
overload protection swap And other factors, compact construction, versatile, smooth, trustworthy efficiency.
Effortless to set up.
two, the functioning theory
Reducer through the deceleration, by the two common transmission shaft to the still left and correct sides of the box,
and then via a pair of gear drive close to the box screw, nut rotating the motor into a linear movement, the use
of equipment motor is Reverse to comprehensive the thrust-pull action. Left and right two putter at the very same time motion,
thrust, pressure, velocity are the identical. TDT, TDTW double-kind drive rod composition, has great adaptability,
specially the rod body extension rod portion, utilizing a stainless metal content to ensure that the area, open up air and
sewage tanks and other severe environment putter standard operate.

three, overload automatic protection
When the stroke of the thrust rod reaches the restrict place or exceeds the rated thrust value, the thrust rod will
end routinely to defend the motor and the elements from being broken. The overload defense
purpose of the double thrust-rod is supplied. The principal motor circumstance is equipped with adjustable stroke gadget
and can control the stroke of two thrust rods. The stroke can be modified according to the wants of end users. The
unit has tiny quantity, substantial sensitivity, easy adjustment, integrates with the drive rod, the developed-in overload
safety and stroke Adjustment system, to fix the difficulty of anti-humidity.
Main CZPT Data :

NO Kind Thrust
Lc L L1 L2 L3 B h
Lmin Lmax
one TDTW1600×4 1600×4 one.5-five. 600-1800 2.2-4. 626+S 626+2S 400 According to the person need to enhance (set to in the table) The heart distance amongst the two rods is determined by the consumer The centre distance among the two rods is established by the consumer CZPT coupling set up duration Reducer middle installation dimensions
two TDTW2000×4 2000×4
  TDTW2500×4 2500×4

1, the pace benefit set in the table for the simple functioning velocity, the value of this pace can be reduced by the
    user demands by block, the slowest speed .25mm / s.
two, the desk to decide the trip, the person can decide on inside of the scope.
three, the duration of the extension rod must be included to the LC, the least protruding rod installed dimensions.
4, the determine “coupling head”, “extension rod” material 1Cr18Ni9T (stainless steel), largely for sewage treatment
    plant decanter.


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Electric Standard Weight Elevator   Motor Drive Weight Actuator